August 27 – August 29, 2021

Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

All registrants are required to read and agree to the 2021 General Policies. Failure to abide by these policies will affect your eligibility to participate in the Blacks In Nonprofits Conference this year or in future years.

Conference Badges:

Each BIN Conference attendee must wear the conference badge issued by BIN management and keep their conference badges visible at all times. The BIN Conference, its contractors, and the Dallas/Plano Hotel has the right to deny access to BIN Conference events including breakout sessions and the Night Activities to any attendee not wearing a conference badge.

Attendees may not exchange, give, trade or sell conference badges to anyone. The BIN Conference makes all final decisions on who has access to the conference and what badges are issued for the conference. The BIN Conference, its contractors, and the Dallas/Plano Marriott Hotel may remove any person from the conference that, in BIN management’s opinion, is violating or threatening to violate any of these rules or whose conduct is objectionable, disorderly, or disruptive.

Standards of Behavior:

Electronic devices must be turned off or set to silent mode during educational sessions.

Disruptive or objectionable conduct, activities and related materials (megaphones, signage, etc...) as determined by The BIN Conference, are strictly prohibited in every area of the conference unless specifically approved by BIN management in writing.

No weapons of any kind are allowed at the Dallas/Plano Marriott Hotel or any of the conference facilities. Explosives, fuel, combustible, or hazardous materials are strictly prohibited.

Media Release:

Registrant gives The BIN Conference permission to photograph and video/audio record the Registrant and to use the same in BIN publications, promotions, and other media. Registrant understands that The BIN Conference has exclusive rights to these visual and audio recordings.

Photographs and videos will be taken at the event for use on the Blacks In Nonprofit Conference website, conference print collateral, in the press, future marketing materials and social media. By attending this event, you consent to The Blacks In Nonprofits Conference photographing, taking video, and using your image and likeness.


Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the BlN Conference during all hours of operations.


Business casual and traditional business attire is preferred.


The BIN Conference provides, upon request, alternative formats, auxiliary aids, and services necessary for all individuals to participate in all programs and services provided by our organization. Requests for accommodations should be given at the time of registration or submitted at least three weeks in advance of the conference.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

The cancellation deadline is Friday, July 30, 2021. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to by July 30. If a registrant cancels on or before this date, the registration fee will be refunded to the individual minus an $85 cancellation fee. Cancellation disqualifies you from receiving attendee benefits and publications.

Substitutions: Please email to request a substitution within the same registered organization. A $25 substitution fee will apply to any substitutions made after July 30, 2021